Win Gold Loans Solution

Win Gold Loans solution helps Financial Institutions to uplift and streamline the overall process of the Loan Management System. Win Gold Loans Solution caters to starting from Eligibility to Disbursement and Collections. Centralized Documentation and instant access from anywhere. The application provides the best evaluation process to minimize the risks while providing loans to its customers

Win Gold Loans Solution allows Financial Institutions to automate various processes for acquisition and pre-disbursal like the entire acquisition lifecycle from customer walk-in to decision-making by the underwriter for the disbursement. Additionally, it performs online automatic credit evaluation of the Application and processing till the disbursement initiation.

Win Gold Loans solution helps Banks and other Financial Institutions to improve customer experience, to enhance productivity and to reduce operations costs. It Provides parameterised Rules and Policies which allow flexible differentiated Repayment options, to configure Late payment penalties, Loan rescheduling, Prepayments, Part Payments, Auto Renewal, Top Up, Ornament release, Tenure expiry and Restructuring of loans.

The solution also facilitates customers to run simulations for transactions such as Loan Rescheduling and Pre closure helps customers to foresee the impact and then take informed decision.

API-based architecture (integrations) helps lenders connect with the lending ecosystem with ease allowing companies to leverage the power of FinTechs in delivering sophisticated digital capabilities. STPs and Auto schedulers help in automating End of Day processing, Report download, and Transaction upload to be executed on a daily, weekly, and monthly frequency as suited to the business requirements which helps reduce manual intervention and errors. The solution offers straight-through processing (STP) for the majority of the operational transactions such as instalment change, tenure change, due day change, part pre-payment, rate type conversion and more, which helps in automating many vital functions in the loan servicing lifecycle.

Collections process is customer centric, Web and App based workflow driven solution allows Banks and other Financial Services companies to manage, monitor and control delinquent loan accounts while automating the loan collections management framework.

The workflow manager governs the entire business processes and the rule engine defines the supporting rules in line with their policies. The solution empowers the lenders to define strategies for portfolio classification, allocation and follow-up actions.

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