Enterprise Loan Management System

Enterprise Loan Management System is an integrated system that combines loan accounting, servicing, asset management, borrower information, and activity reporting for the life of a loan. ELMS Systems contains historical data and current activity data as well as loan activity comments integrating document imaging to provide electronic availability regarding correspondence related to each and every loan. ELMS Systems has no interdependencies with other systems.

Jayam Solutions offers one of the best ELMS Systems in India. Our multi edge solutions provide businesses with a great loan management application. We have built a robust application is based on sophisticated technologies. It matches and speeds up time to market, maximizes profits, reduces IT expenses resulting in enhanced customer experience.

Our Online Loan Management System for NBFCs and Finance businesses are highly scalable and are based on lending application that is ready to take with tomorrow’s challenge today. Today we preferred partners to many SMEs and MSMEs. Our Online Loan Management System helps you manage your business be it Vehicle Loans, Business Loans or Personal Loans, the solution is completely automated and provide end-to-end solution from Loan origination to loan disbursement and Loan Management. It’s seamless and hassle free implementation and elegant customer support makes our ELMS most preferred in India.

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