Warehouse Receipt Financing Software

Warehouse Receipt Financing System is often termed as a game changer in Agri-Finance. Today more and more farmers are using warehousing receipts as a tool to meet their working capital requirement post the harvesting season. Earlier, the focus of policy makers and lending institutions in India was to extend credit to boost farm productivity, however, of late, the post harvest credit needs of farmers are also getting addressed, through this Warehouse Receipt Financing System. Earlier, lack of access to institutional credit used to force farmers to knock the doors of informal sector where they used to charge hefty interest rates. Now with the implementation of WRF informal sector will be a heavy loss.

Jayam Solutions Warehouse Loan System (WLS) provides a state of the art software platform which completely automates the entire lending process. Warehouse lenders can operate at peak efficiently and effectively achieving maximum profitability. To increase operational efficiency it has features for customers upload loan data integrated with document imaging.

Jayam solutions continue to be the leader in WLS Software space by providing innovative business process engineering solutions. We provide the business workflow and software infrastructure for our numerous happy clients, who are well supported by the high quality product supported by highly trained staff.

Our Warehouse Lenders Software improves underwriting and risk management. It has the facility to do extensive data validation and exception tracking. It is integrated with fraud detection and helps in decision making. It is highly recommended for better workflow control, improve efficiency ratio, and maximize profit with minimum investment.

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